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Cody has recently wrapped filming on the TV spec pilot "Ronin Nights" under director Carl Johnson in the role of Ryan Anderson.  The storyline focuses on the drifting motorsport. 

Cody and  fellow cast members from the episodic series "Charley's House" were recently nominated at the Los Angeles Film Awards in February! Nominations included Best Web Series, Best Actor in an Independent Film, and Best Acting Ensemble. The film was also recognized as a semifinalist for Best Picture.  Congrats to Cody and everyone involved in "Charley's House". Cody plays the main character, Charley Hanson, and is also co-writing the series with fellow cast member Chip Carriere.

Cody has recently signed with Mireille Wilson of Midwest Talent Management Inc of Hollywood, California for management representation! We are excited to see what the future brings! Cody is also represented in the Southeast by Valerie Hanna of Fruition Talent & Media, LLC of New Orleans, LA. 

Filming for the psychological thriller "American Crow" is now complete and in post production!

Reel Nightmare Films has released the feature film "Dead By Christmas". Cody plays the character of Samuel.  It is now available on Amazon Prime Video and DVD. 

Cody has been cast as the supporting role of Brad in Eric F Adams psychological thriller feature film "American Crow" which is now filming in Mississippi! 

Cody has been cast as Young Maroni in "Hell Heist" which is currently filming. More details to come. 

Filming is now complete for "Doctor S" and is now in Post Production.

Cody has been cast as the lead role of John Doe/Cobra in Curtis Everitt's action/thriller feature film "Doctor S" which will begin production this month! 

Cody has been cast in Andrew Thomas's short film thriller "Shutter Stop" that will begin filming April 2018.

First casting announcement of 2018! Cody has been cast as the role of "Casey" in Director Brennan O'Donnell's short film "Broken Branches". This is set to begin filming over the next couple of months. 

Cody has recently finished filming in Director Armand Petri's horror film "Dead By Christmas" as the character of Samuel which will be released on popular streaming services and DVD in Fall of 2018.

Cody has finished filming in the role as the lead character of Andy in Director Trey Lopez low budget independent film "Brothers". The film premiered at the Prytania Theater in New Orleans in December 2017.

FCT's production of "The Rainmaker" was a big success in which Cody portrayed the master con man Bill Starbuck. The production ran July 14th & 15th as well as the 21st & 22nd. 

The episodic series "Charley's House" in which Cody is co-writing along with Chip Carriere and also starring as main character Charley Hanson is currently in production as the remaining seven episodes of Season One are set to be shot during 2018. 

The low budget film "Feral" in which Cody has a supporting role is set to premiere in 2018 at various film festivals. 

The short film "Afflicted Ones" in which Cody has a lead role has been released. This film will be available on various internet formats. 

The short film "Courage Under Fire" in which Cody has a small role has been released.

The film "Lightning Run" by Director McKay Mohun which Cody portrays Agent Al Donavan screened at the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham AL in late August.  

Stay Tuned for more upcoming news! 

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